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Mr. Destiny's Adventure Mr. Destiny's Adventure

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I love the idea behind this game, and the structure is great, with the third life the most suspenseful. However, I think the other reviews make it clear that most players are going to completely miss the point; I would have liked to see you do a better job of communicating exactly what was going on with the game.

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Perspectite Perspectite

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Cool

Very cool game mechanic. The controls are a little slow; I'd recommend adding some acceleration to the scrolling or, best case, making it mouse-controlled instead of cursor-controlled. The different-depths forced-perspective stuff is just awesome. It'd be nice to see more levels where it was used more than once on a level, and with less abrupt level transitions.

Definitely looking forward to the fully realized game.

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Buggy Karts Buggy Karts

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Could be better.

A decent first game, but it could be good with some work. The instruction screen is wordy and dull. The movement of the buggy is jerky, and the racing feels flat, with no screeching, dust, or a sound when you make a lap. The star/diaper containers are a bit troublesome, because at the moment they're pretty much a coin toss. The player's score goes up and down without any control on the player's part. Maybe you could have the items inside be knocked out ahead of the car, so that the player has more of a chance to swerve out of the way?

Also, there's no way in-game to decide whether you're doing a good job. No opponents on the track, no bronze/silver/gold medals, no target times, not even a "good job!" or a "try harder!" I'd include something like that, or if it's displayed later in the game, display it after each race.

In general, think about how the choices you as a developer make affect the player's experience.

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